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Article 11 - Delegates from the Local

Section 1 - All delegates from the Local shall be elected by a single plurality vote and by secret ballot.

Section 2 - A member to be eligible for nomination as a delegate, to all councils and conventions shall be a member in continuous good standing in accordance with the National Constitution.

Section 3 - Alternate delegates will replace regular delegates unable to attend and shall have preference according to the amount of vote received in the election.

Section 4 - All delegates must give a written report at the next general membership meetings.

Section 5 - All delegates shall be elected at a properly advertised General Membership meeting except where otherwise specified in the Constitution or these by-laws.

Section 6 - CAW Council shall be elected at the same time as the Executive Board elections. All conditions in Section 1 will apply.

Section 7 - The President and the Financial Secretary will be automatic observer to CAW Council, if not elected as delegates.

Section 8 - CAW Convention Delegates will be elected as per the National Constitution Article 9, prior to the Convention