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Article 13 - Stewards and Committee Persons

Section 1 - The duties of Stewards and Committee persons shall be as follows:

  1. To attend all steward and unit meetings.
  2. To attend all general membership meetings; unless the Executive Board permits the member to be absent with cause (e.g. - outlying areas).
  3. To become completely familiar with all of the provisions of the collective agreement and to investigate all grievances.
  4. To be completely familiar with the grievance procedure.
  5. To receive complaints and grievances of their department or unit and make every effort to conform with the grievance procedure to satisfactorily adjust and settle all grievances.
  6. To call a special meeting of their department or unit upon written request of at least twenty-five (25) per cent of the members in good standing in their area.
  7. To see that all the workers under their jurisdiction become members and remain in good standing.
  8. To assist and co-operate fully with health and safety committee in the prevention and investigation of accidents.
  9. To carry out to the best of their ability in harmony with the other committees of the local and the Executive Board the decisions of the union.
  10. To turn over all papers, documents funds and/or other union property at the conclusion of their office to their successor and to assist her/him in all ways possible.
  11. To support campaigns of the Local and National Union within there area of representation.

Section 2 - All vacancies shall be filled by an election within sixty(60) days where possible. The alternate (runner-up in the election) will assume the duties of the Committee Person or Steward until the results of the elections are known. In the event the election committee for the unit cannot find a replacement, the Unit Chair shall be empowered to appoint a Committee Person or Steward until an election can be held.

Section 3 - Recall Procedure

A Steward, Committee Person, or Unit Chairperson may be recalled by the members they represent for failure to perform the duties of their office. A valid petition, setting forth specific complaints of the shop steward's, committee person's or Unit Chairperson's failure to perform the duties of their office, shall be signed by at least twenty-five (25) per cent of the members in good standing they represent.

The Unit will notify the workplace representative of the specific complaints and will give due notice to the member of a special meeting for recall. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the current members working under the jurisdiction of the Steward or the Committee Person must be present at the recall meeting to establish a quorum.

A two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present and voting is necessary to recall.