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Article 15 - Standing Committees

Section 1 - This Local Union shall have the following standing committees:

  1. Political Action/Union in Politics Committee
  2. Health, Safety and Environment and WSIB
  3. Recreation
  4. Community Services
  5. Civil, Peace and Human Rights
  6. Women's
  7. Newspaper and Communications
  8. Organizing
  9. Health Care Committee
  10. Licensed Professionals and Skilled Trades
  11. Retired Members
  12. Election
  13. Finance
  14. Union Label
  15. Education
  16. Attendance and Excuse

Section 2 - All other committees shall be considered a sub-committee of the above committees.

Section 3 - There shall be a Chairperson and a Secretary for each committee and also a Treasurer when deemed necessary, to be elected by the members of the committee.

Section 4 - All committees shall be elected by secret ballot vote at a properly advertised membership meeting. Members will serve for a three (3) year term.

Section 5 - The dates of elections of all committees shall be placed on the bulletin boards, at least seven (7) days prior to the election. Members from outlying units may submit their names in writing.

Section 6 - All standing committees shall perform all duties assigned to them by the Constitution and By-laws and such additional duties as they may be directed to perform from time to time by the Executive Board or the Membership.

Section 7 - All standing committees shall have the power to appoint new members to their committees, with Executive Board approval.

Section 8 - Each committee shall hold a regular meeting once a month unless it's deemed unnecessary. Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson and must be called when requested by a majority of the members of the committee or when ordered by the Local Executive Board or the General Membership. A simple majority of the committee members shall constitute a quorum for the conducting of business at all committee meetings.

Section 9 - The duties of the officers and members of each committee shall include:


  1. Call and preside at all committee meetings
  2. Shall direct the activities of the committee in accordance with these bylaws and the National Constitution.
  3. Shall have authority only to the extent of carrying out the decisions of the committee that have been approved by the membership.
  4. Shall submit a written report of their activities to the Executive Board Meetings, and to the General Membership Meetings.
  5. Shall be responsible for the functioning of all sub-committees established by her/his particular committee.


  1. Shall keep minutes of all committee meetings and shall furnish the Recording Secretary of the Local with a copy of the same.
  2. Shall collect and file reports of their committee members.
  3. Shall notify all members of the committee as to the time, date and place of all regular or special meetings, sufficiently in advance to enable them to attend and shall keep the members informed between meetings.
  4. Shall devise a reporting system when deemed necessary with the stewards and committee persons of the Local so that all matters receive immediate and rightful attention.

Committee Member:

  1. Shall attend all meetings of their respective committee and all General Membership Meetings.
  2. Shall co-operate with each member of their committee and shall work for benefit of all the members of the Local Union.
  3. Shall carry out all assignments directed by the General Membership to the best of their ability.

Section 11 - All members interested in serving on a committee who are unable to attend the General Membership Meeting when the election is held for the committee may stand nominated for the committee if she/he is nominated at the meeting by a member in good standing and she/he has stated her/his desire to serve in writing before the meeting.