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Article 18 - Finances

Section 1 - The initiation fee of this Local Union for newly organized members shall be twenty dollars ($20.00). One dollar ($1.00) of each initiation fee received by the Local Union shall be forwarded to the National Secretary-Treasurer. Five dollars ($5.00) will be set aside for New Member Orientation in accordance with Article 17, Section 1 of the CAW Constitution.

Newly organized units will pay an initiation fee as per the CAW-Canada National Constitution, Article 6.

Section 2 - The Union dues of Local 229 shall be the minimum as set down in Article l7, Section 2 of the CAW Constitution, plus any additional dues that may be levied by membership action by secret ballot vote in accordance with Article 44, Sections l and 2 of the CAW Constitution. There shall be no dues increase under Article 17, Section 3 of the CAW Constitution without a majority of the affected members who cast ballots approving the increase in a secret ballot vote called in accordance with the provisions of Article 44, Sections 1 & 2 of the CAW Constitution.

Section 3 - The compensation of any member of this amalgamated Local Union shall be approved lost time only when that representative or member is performing necessary duties for and on behalf of the Local Union during the time for which she/he would otherwise be compensated by the employer. The amount which the Local Union representative or member would otherwise have received from her/his employer for the same period of time for which she/he is being compensated by the Local Union. The Local Union will not be responsible for the payment of lost time at overtime rates or premium rates.

Section 4 - The signing officers of the Local shall be the President and the Financial Secretary. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall be the alternate and, in the absence of the Financial Secretary, the a designated trustee shall be the alternate.

Section 5 - Members' expenses will be paid in accordance with the Members Travel and Expense Policy approved by the General Membership.