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Article 5 - Purposes and Objectives

  1. To unite in one organization regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, creed, colour, ancestry, nationality, place of origin, family relationship, disability, age, job classification, or political affiliation, all workers under the jurisdiction of this Local Union.
  2. To improve working conditions, create a uniform system for shorter hours and higher wages, the right to equal pay for work of equal value, and to maintain, protect and further the interest of all workers.
  3. To educate members so that they realize that the power of the Union rests on their collective strength.
  4. To educate our membership in the theory of the labour movement and to develop and maintain an intelligent and dignified membership to vote and work for the election of political candidates and the passage of improved legislation in the interest of all labour.
  5. To strive for the removal from legislation all provisions restricting the right to bargain freely and gain justice through all available means.
  6. To establish and maintain the closest possible co-operation with other CAW Locals and other Unions.
  7. Dedicated to the realization of the legitimate aspirations of those who toil for a living, Local 229 will not deviate from the pursuit of peace, freedom and security for all people.
  8. Local 229 will at all times hold true to the high ideals and principles of social justice on which the labour movement was founded.
  9. To regulate relations between employees and employers, including but not limited to the right to bargaining collectively on behalf of the employees in any organization under the jurisdiction of the Local Union.
  10. To provide a democratic form of government within the National Union.
  11. To promote the health and safety of the membership.
  12. To defend the right of rank-and-file union members to ratify all agreements with employers.
  13. To defend the right to strike.
  14. To organize workers into the Local Union.
  15. To promote employment by the reduction of the work week with no loss of pay or benefits, and the elimination of overtime.
  16. To promote the right and freedom of Canadian workers to belong to labour organizations that are effective, democratic and not dominated by any element foreign to, or not in the best interests of the people of Canada.
  17. To promote an equitable distribution of wealth within Canadian society.
  18. To promote co-operation and mutual support among workers of every country.
  19. To conduct education work among our membership in accordance with the objectives and policies of the National Union.
  20. To oppose racism.
  21. To defend the union.
  22. To promote effective environmental policies.
  23. To oppose sexual harassment and harassment of any kind.

The objectives of this Local Union shall be the same as those of CAW-Canada as provided for in Article 2- Objectives of the National Union Constitution.