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Article 6 - Membership

Section 1 - This Local union shall be composed of workers eligible for membership in the National Union, CAW - Canada and over whom the Amalgamated Local Union is granted jurisdiction by the National Union.

Section 2 - Eligibility for and acceptance into membership in the Amalgamated Local Union shall be governed by the Constitution of the National Union.

Section 3 - A membership card will be provided to each member.

Section 4 - The membership card shall be shown at each meeting to the Sergeant-at-Arms/Guide to indicate their membership.

Section 5 - It shall be the duty of each member to conscientiously seek to understand and exemplify by practice the intent and purpose of her/his obligation as a member of the Amalgamated Local Union and the National Union.

Section 6 - It shall be the duty of each member to participate in all Local, Provincial and Federal elections through registration and balloting.

Section 7 - Every person, prior to her/his acceptance as a member, shall be given the membership oath provided for by the Constitution of the National Union.

Section 8 - The National Union and the Amalgamated Union shall be the exclusive representative of each member of this Amalgamated Local Union for the purpose of collective bargaining and execution of any contracts.

Section 9 - Each member of this Amalgamated Local Union does hereby irrevocably designate, authorize and empower the National Union and this Amalgamated Local Union, and each of them exclusively to appear and act for her/him and in her/his behalf before any board, court, committee and other tribunal in any matter affecting her/his status as a worker or as a member of this Amalgamated Union or the National Union, and exclusively to act as her/his agent to represent and bind her/him in the presentation, prosecution, adjustment and settlement of all grievances, complaints or disputes of any kind or character arising out of the employer - employee relationship, as fully and to all intents and purpose as she/he might or could do if personally present.

Section 10 - Each member in good standing of this Local Union has the right to nominate and vote, express opinions on all subjects before the Local Union, to attend all membership meetings and express views, arguments and opinions on all matters and business, including candidates for office, properly before the meeting: to meet and assemble freely with other members and generally, to participate in the activities of the Local Union in a responsible manner consistent with good conscience in order to present and discuss factually and honestly the issues and personalities upon which the membership must base its decisions.

A member in exercising the foregoing rights and privileges shall not take any irresponsible action which would tend to jeopardize or destroy, or be detrimental to, either the Local or National Unions as organizations, or their free democratic heritage, or which would interfere with the performance by this Local Union or the National Union of its legal or contractual obligations as a collective bargaining agent, or interfere with the legal or contractual obligations of this Local Union as an affiliate of the National Union. Violation, or abuse of these rights and privileges of membership, or engaging in conduct prohibited by this section, shall be considered conduct unbecoming a union member.

Section 11 - The membership shall strive to obtain the objectives set forth in the Constitution and additional objectives as established as the policy of the National Union; to maintain free relations with other organizations; do all in its power to strengthen and promote the labour movement; to co-operate with National Board Members, the National Representatives and help promote organizational activities.

Section 12 - The Local Union may employ service and organizational staff. Staff who are employed by the Local union shall be CAW Local 229 members and members of the National Union.

Section 13 - The membership shall have the right to disaffiliate from the CAW if the majority of its members indicate its desire by a democratic vote after a full and open debate and in accordance with the Constitution of CAW Canada.