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Article 7 - General Membership Meetings

Section 1 - Local Union General Membership meetings shall be held every month in Thunder Bay. The times, dates and place of the meeting shall be established by the Executive Board. General membership meetings can be suspended for July and August by a majority vote of the membership at the June meeting.

Section 2 - For purposes of General Membership meetings, members in attendance shall constitute quorum.

Section 3 - The President of the Local, upon receiving a written petition signed by the majority of the Executive Board or at least twenty-five members in good standing, shall call a special meeting and the petition shall mention the aim or aims of said meeting and discussions will be restricted to these aim(s) only.

Section 4 - Each Unit of the Local shall hold bi-monthly membership meetings.

Section 5 - Members shall be notified at least seven (7) days prior to all meetings by workplace bulletins. The agenda shall be included in all notices. Any election to be held at General Membership Meetings shall be included on the agenda. Only members in good standing shall attend membership meetings.

Section 6 - The membership shall sign in at each meeting in the Sergeant-at-Arms registration book.

Section 7 - Those members who do not have their membership card upon their person, must have another member in good standing vouch for them.

Section 8 - It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all membership meetings. In her/his absence, the Vice-President shall preside.

Section 9 - Minutes shall be taken at all General Membership Meetings by the Recording Secretary.

Section 10 - The regular order of business shall be as follows:

  1. Opening of meeting
  2. Reading of agenda
  3. Minutes of previous meeting
  4. Financial report
  5. Recommendations of Executive Board
  6. Actions taken by Executive Board
  7. Correspondence
  8. Reports from Officers, Committees, Delegates
  9. Unfinished Business
  10. New Business
  11. Elections (if required)
  12. Good and Welfare
  13. Closing

A copy of the previous meeting minutes, financial report and Recommendations will be distributed to each member present at the General Membership Meeting.

Section 11 - All discussions and debates shall be governed by Bourinot's Rules of Order.

Section 12 - The members shall confine their remarks to the order of business of the motion under discussion and shall be allowed a maximum of five (5) minutes. A member shall speak only once upon the matter under discussion except in the case of the sponsor of a motion or resolution who shall be allowed to discussion close on the motion or resolution.