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Article 9 - Executive Board

Section 1 - The Executive Board of the Union shall consist of President, Financial Secretary, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Sergeant at Arms/Guide, Retired Member, Director of Outlying Area, Director of Women's Issues, and three trustees.

Section 2 - Executive Officers shall serve for a period of three (3) years.

Section 3 - In the event that the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice-President shall assume that office for the balance of the term. In the event any of the other offices become vacant during the regular term of office, it will be promptly filled. The Executive Board shall have the authority to appoint a member to fill the vacancy until the result of such election becomes known. The election must be held within 60 days.

Section 4 - The duties of the Executive Officers shall be those set down in the National Constitution, Article 37, plus others deemed necessary by the General Membership in the administering of the local union affairs.

Section 5 - The Executive Board shall consist of the above named Executive Officers, plus a Retired Member from the Retiree's Chapter. This position is elected at the same time as the Executive Officers and for a three (3) year term. All members of the Executive Board shall have voice and vote.

Section 6 - A simple majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum at all Executive Board Meetings.

Section 7 - The Executive Board shall meet monthly between membership meetings. Special meetings may be called by the President. Whenever a majority of the Executive Board requests the President, by letter or petition, to call a meeting thereof, it shall be mandatory upon the President, to do so within five (5) days of receipt of such letter or petition.

The Executive Board shall exercise the Executive functions of the Local Union between General Meetings. The Executive Board shall enforce the By-laws of the Local Union and its own decisions. It shall report upon all matters which, in its judgment, require consideration by the Local Union or which may have been committed to the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall be further empowered to appropriate funds or defray normal expenses that are incurred between the General Membership meetings. All such appropriations of the Executive Board shall be subject to the approval of the membership at the next General Meeting.

Section 8 - The Executive Board may recommend that the Union hire employees when they are needed. The Executive Board shall have power, subject to the provisions of this Constitution and By-laws, to appoint sub-committees from its own membership and pass upon and approve applications for membership and reinstatement.

Section 9 - Minutes will be taken of all Executive Board Meetings by the Recording Secretary and shall be available to the membership at the meetings.

Section 10 - The decisions of the Executive Board shall be decided by a majority vote of those members present and voting.

Section 11 - All decisions and recommendations of the Executive Board shall be referred to the next General Membership Meeting for approval, and/or information.

Section 12 - The Executive Board shall appoint at least one of its members to each of the standing committees in a liaison advisory capacity, except, the Unit Bargaining Committee and the Election Committee.

Section 13 - The Executive Board shall not make any unnecessary expenditure without prior consent of the membership. All expenses shall be referred to the next General Membership Meeting. A financial statement reporting revenues and expenditures shall be reported to the next General Membership Meeting.