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Our local was formed by a group of members who decided it was time to establish our Canadian identity as trade unionists. In February of 2000, thousands of workers in Ontario began a process to disaffiliate with our International Union and establish ourselves in a Canadian Union dedicated to democracy, social unionism, equality, socio-economic justice, and priorities based on a clear understanding of national issues.

Local 229 received its Charter in 2001 and its first election was held November 15th. Our Local is built on the premise that the union is the membership, and we encourage involvement and activism at all levels. We actively promote our various committees as an opportunity for members to promote issues and develop skills. In keeping with the tradition of the National Union, we recognize that our Local must reach out beyond bargaining and grievances to protect and expand social and economic justice in our community and in our country. The CAW National Union was founded in 1985, after separating from their international union, based in Detroit Michigan. The head office is located in Toronto, with 19 regional offices, including one in Thunder Bay. It is currently made up of 250,000 members across Canada from 278 local unions and 1836 bargaining units. The union has become diverse, with Healthcare workers in Ontario and Atlantic Canada now making up 10% of the total membership. More information on the National Union is available at their web site at www.unifor.org.

Each year, thousands of workers from coast to coast make the choice to join our union. These workers join because they want to make a difference - for their families and their communities. Whether the issue is wages, job security, improved health care benefits and pensions, child care, legal services support, better working conditions or having a real voice in a democratic workplace, Canadians know that the best way to make these gains is through solidarity and a strong union.

Unifor members have access to a team of talented staff who provide world-class support through information, analysis and expertise in a number of areas including collective bargaining, research, health and safety, human rights, communications, pensions and benefits, and legal support.

We are also proud to have an incredible education facility located in Port Elgin, Ontario - one of the most beautiful and well-equipped union education facilities in the world.

Now, more than ever, working people in Canada need strong union representation to ensure they receive both economic and social justice. Each year the gap between the rich and the rest of us grows wider, and it is only through the collective power of unions that working people can stand to gain a fair share of the prosperity they've helped to create. Unifor is a different kind of union because our fight for justice does not stop at the bargaining table. We continue to be at the forefront on economic and social issues that affect workers at the workplace, in their communities and around the globe.

Ours is a rich history formed by years of workers' struggle and innovation. We have proudly celebrated our victories and have been quick to learn from our defeats.

Together we have built, and will continue to build, one of the strongest and most influential unions in the world.