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Thunder Bay, ON

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Local 229 Executive Board

Unifor Local 229 is an amalgamated local consisting of over 43 bargaining units in the Districts of Thunder Bay and Rainy River/Kenora. An executive board and delegates to Unifor councils are elected from the total membership every three years.

General membership meetings are the highest authority of the union, and are held monthly in the City of Thunder Bay. Between general membership meetings, the highest authority is the Executive Board who will meet monthly. Between meetings of the Executive Board, the administrative authority of the Local shall be vested in the President of the Local.

In addition to general meetings, this local union has an annual Executive Council meeting established to provide broad representation to all units of the Local. Each unit is entitled to at least one delegate, normally the Unit Chairperson. The purpose of the Council meetings is to review the business of the Local, make recommendations to the Executive Board, and attend any educational sessions. Our current Executive is made up of a cross-section of members from across our Local.

They are as follows:

Lisa Fleming Financial Secretary
Full Time Service Representative Unifor Local 229
email: lisa(at)unifor229(dot)com
Susan Rubenick Susan Rubenick
Recording Secretary
Unifor Local 229 Fulltime Office Service Representative
email: susan(at)unifor229(dot)com
Rob Rezka Trustee
Unifor Local 229 Office Fulltime Service Representative
email: rob(at)unifor229(dot)com
Kelly Godick Trustee
email kellygodick(at)live(dot)ca
Darquise Robinson Director of Out-Lying Area

email: darkstarr17(at)hotmail(dot)com
Asha Pulice Trustee
email: ashapulice1997(at)hotmail(dot)com
Dharmendra Prajapati Member at Large
email drdhams007(at)gmail(dot)com