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Kari Jefford


"The members of Local 229 are our most important resource. Our goal is to bring back transparency, accountability and responsibility to our Local. Our vision is to provide members the tools they need to create an environment that empowers members to take charge of their workplaces and communities at the grassroots level. It is time for a change! Come out and make your voice heard!"

Kari Jefford has worked as an Employment Counsellor at YES Employment Services for the past 13 years. She was instrumental in the campaign to unionize her workplace and has served as Unit Chair since they joined Local 229 in 2004. She graduated from the four week PEL program in 2006 and was trained as a Discussion Leader with the National Union in 2006. She sits as the Chair of the Education Committee where she works tirelessly to bring education to the entire local. Kari was elected to Local 229's Executive Board as Sergeant at Arms in 2007. She has bargained three collective agreements and two contracts prior to organizing in 2004. Since 2007 Kari has been co-coordinating and delivering Earth Day Presentations to thousands of students in schools across Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario for the CAW National Health, Safety and Environment Department. Since Kari started with CAW Local 229 she has been a very dedicated trade unionist, social activist and lobbyist serving on the Local's Education Committee, Union and Politics Committee, Recreation Committee, Women's Committee and has spear headed and volunteered on countless campaigns at the Local level. Recently Kari lobbied local provincial MPP's after her employer had received news of job cuts to her workplace. She was able to help secure additional funding which resulted in gaining permanent full time positions.